Shores of Haldun (Pen and Paper Edition)

Haldun Jail Population at Historic Low

The House Guard has been commended following what is described as a long-running prisoner rehabilitation and release program in the Haldun Jail. These events follow a report by the Haldun Herald noting the steady decline in prisoner population over the last several weeks, a trend the Houses have attributed to effective management at the jail. Current trends suggest the jail population will be accommodated in less than seven cells within the next three months.

Zeelturan Merchant Company Purchases Warehouse

A prominent foreign merchant collective has acquired a sizable warehouse from the Merchant Houses of Haldun along the Docks of the city. The building has a single berth dock and has traditionally been associated with the transfer of sensitive or valuable goods.

As of yet, it is unclear what the merchants plan to do with the warehouse; however several witnesses spotted a contingent of men unloading large crates into the building after a mid-sized merchant vessel docked at the berth.

Bloody Murders Shock Farmlands

Bannermen responded to a disturbance in a remote farmhouse believed to be abandoned, identifying the bodies of seven missing farmers from the surrounding area. While no murderer was identified, the bodies were subject to irregular injuries and were given closed casket funerals shortly after their recovery.

Official word from Castle Hart is nonexistent, however those persistently following the matter are directed to Sir Richard Edward Grey who has been assigned to investigating the events that led to the deaths of the farmers.

Laughter in the Streets

Word spreads through Haldun of disembodied laughter heard throughout the city. The source of the laughter remains unknown, however the nature of the incident suggests that magic was involved.

Sorosian mages responded to the incident with a series of rituals which failed to identify a responsible party.

Wolves in the Night

Rumors from villagers living near the decrepit remains of Haven have established the existence of a pack of dark wolves hunting in the area. The creatures descend on the village at night, stalking any who remain on the road after the sun sets.

While the wolves have yet to be seen taking any individuals themselves, word persists of a darker force accompanying the creatures.

Carnival to Mark Religious Holiday

In a rare turn of events, a religious carnival in honor of the god Joreal will be held outside of Haldun. It is rumored that some benefactor from the Temple has provided the funds for the event, potentially as a way to convert citizens of Haldun, a city that holds a wide belief that the gods have abandoned them.

The Closed Eye and House Guard are to be present during the carnival to ensure that no disruptions occur.

Second Icy Creature Sighted Near Hartsfield

A creature similar to the one observed at the Gates was spotted by a group of patrolling Bannermen. The three men slew the beast, though one suffered a violent blow and was admitted to the Castle’s apothecaries.

Rumors have it that the creature was a man when the Bannermen first spotted him and transformed into the creature spontaneously, much like the beggar near the inn.

Blacktooth Raids Intensify

Attacks by Blacktooth warriors on trade caravans and travelers in the forests between Haven and the Kraidos Downs have raised concerns about the safety of the region. Norvandan Rangers have been working to control the situation, tracking Blacktooth movements. While it is not immediately apparent why the raids have become so much more prolific, linguists have confirmed that the Blacktooth have been heard yelling war cries associated with revenge.

Man Killed in Ruby's Rest Brothel

A man was killed in his private room at the Ruby’s Rest in suspicious circumstances. The House Guard has released no details; however rumors have since spread that the man was stabbed with a dagger and left to die in the room. The victim is not particularly important and supposedly worked as a tax collector before his untimely death.

Icy Creature Killed at the Gates of Haldun

After visibly hallucinating and falling into a convulsing wreck, a beggar was seen to emerge into a savage undead beast. The creature rapidly chilled its surroundings, using unknown ice-related magic to wreak havoc at the edge of city.

The creature was defeated, floating away in a chunk of ice in the river. While the creature did not appear to be moving, it is difficult to tell if such a being can be called “dead”.


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