Raven Medici

Freelance Ranger


“A half-elf ranger who is adept in archery, saving Blake, and feminine wiles.”

Raven joined the party after she was arrested by Tobias Poole. She has specialized in aiding the group in tracking and other similar activities. Her aunt Tabatha the druid lives on Santiri in the hippy commune, but also maintains a bachelorette pad in the commons of Haldun. Raven was effectively raised by her aunt, and knows little about her parents, hence the “daddy issues”. In her off time, she likes to stay with her aunt on Santiri, where she spends large quantities of time in a psychedelic haze, occasionally taking a break to pursue random druid love interests. Raven’s current aspiration is to become an arcane archer, and to raise and train a giant owl, from which she will rain fiery death from above.

Raven Medici

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