Tobias Poole

Sergeant of the House Guard, Retainer of House Turas


“An affiliate of House Turas skilled in sorcery.”

Tobias encountered the party when he arrested several of the original members. He is well connected with the Merchant Houses of Haldun and serves as a retainer within House Turas. The origins of his association with the Houses are unknown, however he is generally in good standings with his employer.

Tobias, as a sorcerer, has access to a multitude of magical schools and abilities from which he draws numerous combat as well as utilitarian spells. Tobias originally fought using mainly his crossbow, but he has since found his stockpile of spells to be more effective.

Hobbies include: standing on the walls and ceiling of his house reading corny mystery novels, attempting to better his position in the houses, and practicing necromancy, the full extent of such practices are as of yet unknown.

Tobias Poole

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