Verus Rag'lok-kar

Mok'tar Shaman


“A formidable man raised by the Mok’tar tribe of orcs.”

After being left in the woods to die by his ashamed mother, Verus was adopted by hunters of the Mok’tar orc tribe. Verus watched as his adoptive parents were murdered by bandits before his eyes, an event that unleashed the rage within him. Verus has lead a difficult life on the Wall. He spends his time deep in the woods meditating on ways to master his rage. His hobbies include abstaining from alcohol, long walks in the woods, days of peaceful introspection, and bathing in the gore of his enemies after viciously decapitating them in an inhuman and uncontrollable rage.

Verus Rag'lok-kar

Shores of Haldun (Pen and Paper Edition) Verus907