Harrison Sharpe

Unassociated Rabble Rouser


“A short halfling, with an analytic mind and severe Napoleonic complex”

Unfortunately for Harrison, his past remains a mystery. Mostly because of an unfortunate accident involving a massive orc chieftain, a club twice the size of Harrison, the loss of memory, and the sudden, inexplicable shortening of his height. In other words, whilst raiding an orc village, Harrison was brutally smashed by the chief. This incident, although amazingly causing no damage to motor function, left Harrison with retrograde amnesia and about two feet shorter.

Always fan of heights, Harrison taught himself the art of tightrope walking at a young age, and has a tendency to show off. He carries three orc skulls with him at all times that, in the event of an opportunity to tightrope walk, he might also juggle the skulls.

Harrison met Raven Medici in Haldun shortly after his arrival there, while looking for work in one of the taverns wherein he was recruited into the party.

It was during his first adventure that the accident occurred, shortening Harrison and shattering his pride as one of the tallest halflings he had ever met.

During a visit to the ghost town on Wyvern’s Shore, it was revealed that Harrison has an innate fear of ghosts. This fear stems from an incident involving an anvil, an empty bottle of aged wine, three well done noodles, and six kilograms of tomato paste.

In addition to his fear of ghosts, Harrison has picked up an extreme hatred for the undead, specifically vampires. This hatred stems from an incident that, when finally on his way to see the group’s cave for the first time, the group was waylaid by savage dire wolves and took refuge with (as far as their knowledge went) a foreign noble. Due to an excessive suspicion that everything was going too smoothly, and perhaps some superstition edged it’s way in, Harrison refused to be courteous to the noble. The result of his little rebellion forced his companions to knock him senseless wherein he was taken to a secure room and placed in solitary confinement. When the noble finally revealed himself, through errors of his own, to be a vampire, they finally mounted a rescue operation in which they found Harrison in a near comatose state. Recovering quickly, Harrison fled the compound with his companions but not without the loss of Tobias. Harrison felt no remorse for the loss, however, as he believes that it was Tobias that first got the group into that mess when he, in Harrison’s case, forced (read: grabbed by the collar and hoisted Harrison into the carriage) them to accompany the vampire back to the vampire’s castle.

Harrison is also a bit perturbed by some more recent developments like, the sudden reappearance of Tobias, and Tobias’ strange ability to regenerate when heavily wounded, as well as his weakness to heal spells… Tobias will be closely scrutinized in the near future.

Like many halflings, Harrison suffers from a need to collect and hoard items. Despite, or perhaps because of, his lack of any apparent innate magical powers, Harrison is drawn inexplicably to magical items. This has proven to be a possible source of calamity when he almost killed himself, and those with him, in an assassin’s lair trying to relieve the assassin of some intricate weaponry.

Harrison’s hobbies included working at the Dirty Succubus where he enjoys entertaining the prostitutes and taunting the taller species for their height. Harrison’s current activities include entertaining the drunks he tends, and the fellow employees by dancing on the counter and juggling his orc skulls between orders.

Harrison Sharpe

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